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    Entries in Marvel (8)


    My Thoughts On Black Panther And Black Heteronormitivity 

    If this image was the movie, I would have died happy.


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    The Avengers -- The Best Movie, For Everyone Else

    If anything, a nation of Mountain Dew drinkers now know what Shawarma is.

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    X-Men: First Class -- Rebooted For A Dumber Generation

    A discussion of homosapien vs homo-superior. A chess match between cooperating versus dominating. Too bad the rest of the film wasn't as brilliant as this discussion.

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    Thor Is The New Crocodile Dundee Minus The Knife


    Iron Man 2 Review: Please Don't Let There Be A Third.

    Terrence Howard Said "Maybe Next Time Baby". I Never Thought I'd Prefer Howard Over Cheadle In ANY Role, But Here We Are.


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    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 [PS3] - I've Already Forgotten About This Game

    Good News: This Image Is Close To Real In-Game Rendering. Bad News: The Actual Game Shows The Renderings REALLY Tiny.

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    My Tragic Apocalypse W/ Attachable Bazooka Story

    This Is Not The One I Got, But Apocalypse Pics Are Badass By Default

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    Cartoons I Watched As A Child [For Better Or Worse]

    There was a lot of crap to cut through when widdling down a list of crap I watched as a kid. Omitting the live action Nickelodean programs [which were awesome -- I mean who didn't like Salute Your Shorts?] I realize that my mom did an awesome job as far as raising me, but I'd have to say the old idiot box did its fair share of damage on my imagination.  Feel free to snicker and jeer as I reminisce and pine over some embarassing moments. FOX Kids, Kids! WB, Toonami, even some crap from Channel 55 [Cleveland] is thrown in this list for good measure. Maybe you'll see something you liked...or still love.

    Get to learning after the jump.

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