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    Graphic Update: Black Dynamite -- The Comic

    The things I'm allowed to read at work while on my lunch break...

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    Precious - Not As Depressing As I Thought It Would Be


    Nicolas Cage - Could "Kick-Ass" Save His Life?

    As you may or may not have known, I have been on Nick Cage Watch for the past couple of months. We know of Cage's current life hardships as a result of those pesky evil accountants of the world and here at the brog...our hearts go out to him. There appears to be a glimmer of light at the end of this horribly long and sad-faced tunnel. The movie Kick-Ass looks like it could be one of those rare, well-acted movies for Cage. I mean even in this current era of awful, Knowing's, Next's & Bangkok Dangerous' he has managed to be in the occasional Adaptation's and Weathermen's.

    Cage needs this to work for the worse kind of way. Because we all know Ghost Rider 2 is right around the corner.

    After the jump, a less 'PG' trailer of Kick-Ass...

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    The Vampire's Assistant: It's Not For Children And Some Grown-Ups

    John C. Reilly can paint a fence and I would watch. There is something about this guy that carries movies which would be sub-par without his touch. Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant manages to combine the 80's horror-campiness of a One Bitten and the sophistication of a Near Dark. A good majority of the movie is spent with bloated expository scenes, the few actual "Cirque Du Freak" moments are executed incredibly well, but not well enough for this movie to be palatable to everyone. The Vampire's Assistant is a movie for tweens and adults, who are willing to give a pass to most of the boring characters and their subsequent dramatic scenes.

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    Watchmen: Makes Me Partially Eat Crow

    I'm Blue, daboodeedahboodah

    Before this review starts you need perspective. Yes, I did read the graphic novel. No, I was not excited to hear about this movie post reading the graphic novel. Yes, I was less excited after seeing a CGI-filled trailer, which was an obvious ploy to get your little rumps in the seats. No, this movie is not perfect. Aside from its obvious spawn from the mind of Alan Moore and the pen of Dave Gibbons, Watchmen has quite the rich history. This movie has moved back and forth from studios, has suffered rewrites after rewrites and now it has finally arrived. With all of its flaws.

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    The Wrestler - a review from a Wrasslin' fan

    Straight Outta Jersey...

    If you were thinking Milk or the Dark Knight were your favorite movies of the year, you may want to check out The Wrestler. Mickey Rourke stars as well...a Wrestler who was once a big name about 20 years ago, but now has fallen on hard times. Rourke plays Randy "The Ram" Robinson who has had substance abuse problems from recreational drugs to performance enhancing since, from what I can assume, his glory days. Randy has an estranged daughter; whom of which may or may not be a lesbian. He's in love with a stripper who is also coming to terms with her age in a business that thrives off of youth. You must know that The Wrestler is one of the most straight forward movies I have seen in quite some time. Seeing as I 'use to be' a big fan of 'Wrasslin' as a child and somewhat in my teens, it is great to see a work by Aronofsky no less, that is comparable to Beyond The Mat.

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    JCVD: Movie Review

    Looking Forward To Universal Soldier III...


    If you were as psyched to see this movie like I was let me go ahead and give you a pat on the back.

    For me this year has been kind of lackluster as far as movie-going goes. The fact that most studios and production companies refuse to release their 'avant-garde' or 'thinky flicks' at a more steady pace during the year has to infuriate film enthusiast [right?]. A large majority of movies with depth or film festival darlings all get dumped around the December-January time frame for their respective nominations. JCVD will more than likely not get one.  It is a movie with a great heart [on paper], but ultimately casting and inconsistent direction sours a rare, but decent Jean-Claude Van Damme performance.

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    David Jaffe On Brett Ratner On God Of War movie

    It is almost as if he is talking directly to all of us isn't it? David Jaffe, the creator of the popular game "God Of War", decided to respond to the early [and possibly hasty] announcement of Brett Ratner being the director of GOW the movie. It's tough seeing Sir Jaffe like this, all defensive and over-explanatory and whatnot. Apparently, we have learned nothing from a certain "Too Human" Developer.

    Honestly, most peoples' reactions to the news are quite genuine yet dramatic. Sentiments we are all hoping are found in Bratner's game-to-movie adaptation. It really is ridiculous that as soon as something like this announced, a 'nerd furor' erupts.  Moreover, people like Jaffe feel compelled to explain themselves. Why?


    Ghost Town: "Why Do I Hear Crickets?"

    Poor Mr. Gervais...You Must Be Tired From Carrying This Movie All By Yourself.

    Hey guys! Did you like Ricky Gervais in HBO's "Extras"? Or How about Ricky Gervais on BBC 4's "The Office"? Well then if you like Gervais being the only funny person or thing for about 2 hours with no commercial breaks; "Ghost Town" is for you.

    The Grade & Review After The Jump...

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    Tropic Thunder - Tom Cruise? Why?

    Funny Looking At This Photo It Is Actually Hard To Find Nick Nolte.

    Tropic Thunder is an Action movie.  If and when it comes out on DVD it should NOT be put in the comedy section.  I understand that there were jokes and laughs in this movie. Honestly upon watching this movie a second time, the humor aspect kind of faded on me.  The laughs were there, but the didn't stick with that kind of 'one-two punch' like they did a month ago when I watched a pre-screening.  What should be noted is how well the action looks [at times] throughout this movie.  The explosions the sounds the hundreds of thousands of bullets being effortlessly sprayed about.  The scenery is down right gorgeous. If there is any reason to be jealous of Blu-Ray player adopters it will be when this movie comes out on Blu-Ray in a couple months.

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