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    Entries in Summer 2011 (5)


    Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes -- James Franco Raises A Monkey

    "Do it for Dunstin!"

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    Transformers: Dark Of The Moon -- I Drank Before Watching

    It should come as no secret, I've always kinda hated the Transformers movies, but with Leonard Nemoy playing Sentinel Prime, well that's sure to win me and fellow 'thinking' movie goers over.
    This weekend I snuck a bottle of red wine into a movie theater. Maybe this will function as a place marker for when I showed the initial signs of alcohol abuse? Maybe this will become the new standard for viewing any future summer blockbusters?

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    X-Men: First Class -- Rebooted For A Dumber Generation

    A discussion of homosapien vs homo-superior. A chess match between cooperating versus dominating. Too bad the rest of the film wasn't as brilliant as this discussion.

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    Fast Five Review: Sex, Cars and The Rock's Beard

    There aren't enough muscular man-hugs in this Summer's blockbusters, let Fast Five quench your hug-thirst.

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    Thor Is The New Crocodile Dundee Minus The Knife