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    The Avengers -- The Best Movie, For Everyone Else

    If anything, a nation of Mountain Dew drinkers now know what Shawarma is.

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    2011 Goes To The Movies

    As I pull myself out of my writing, terrorist cave, I check my e-mail [as most writing terrorist do]. I see requests to review more movies. I hear your calls [/egoboosting]. Recognize that there is another life going on outside of this 'brog' I run and I see and hear about most of the movies many of you have requested I review.

    Take a look at the trailer above. You see a lot of things in common right? Man hellbent on it's on destruction. Hot ladies running or at least looking like they plan on running as soon as 'the big one' [whatever it may be] hits. Let's not forget waiting for a magical hero or solution to come along to fix all of our dire problems.

    I've once considered copying and pasting an old review and using the "Find" function on my browser to plug in the odds and ends that didn't fit. Thinking, "Does anyone really care to read a review about Transformers 2: Electric Boogaloo?"

    Well it turns out you do. It's appreciated. However, after looking at the above trailer, you'll have to excuse me if it's a little tough to get in front of a glowing box and furiously type away. Don't worry, more is coming, but I just want you to understand what I'm dealing with here.