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    Binge Play: Mass Effect Series

    Humans are the least interesting thing in this game. Which is how it should be.

    Playing the Mass Effect series intermittently for the past six months [summer & winter of 2016]. I believe, collectively I put close to 250+ hours into the series and I’m still debating if I even like what I played. I know I liked the Mako, but I didn’t like using it on every planet [Mass Effect 1]. I know I hated scanning, but I liked the feeling of a cursory search in a galaxy I had a middling interest in. Maybe if I’d chosen Jennifer Hale instead of the dry delivery of Mark Meer to voice my caramel-skinned Commander Shepard -- maybe I’d care to play through this series again. Unfortunately, that won’t happen.

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    Commercial Break: Battlefield 3 Griefing


    Supposedly this is a semi-close to gold release of the Battlefield 3 game. Not the beta that everyone [including myself] has been complaining about. I do enjoy a good greifing session. Apparently, the user had time to play the multiplayer mode with DICE employees prior to the game's release and decided to record himself annoying his teammates. This is all speculation, but judging by the map and the way the game looks, I'd be willing to believe this is true.

    However, if there was a DICE employee that called the player the n-word. Yo bro, dat ain't cool. Hopefully the game is as fun as the griefing appears to be. Arthur over at Joystiq is dispelling rabble-rousing gamer's beliefs that the beta is a direct reflection of the finished product.

    Props to Mike Nelson for finding this vid and BF3 Grief for posting it.


    Games Are[n't] Worth It?

    You didn't know you wanted it, until you saw it on the internet.

    I guess I'm ready to write about games again. I got this screen cap in my inbox this past weekend. I'm actually having a hard time expressing any shred of thought about said image, other than a muted chuckle. Okay, that and mild shame for finding it hilarious.

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    Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed -- What A Terrible Name For A Game

    In a crowded market, where does Need For Speed fit? Does it fit? And why is the name for this game so f**king long?!

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    What Makes A Good Year For Games?

    Because the only thing better than a pile of money -- is two piles of money.

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    Medal Of Honor Review -- The Formula Isn't Working

    What is happening to the modern day first-person shooter?

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    The Brog's Best Multiplayer Game Of 2010: Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Even with the ability to snipe someone from across the map with a shotgun, Bad Company 2 functions both as a stress reliever and an intense moment-to-moment exercise in what makes the standard FPS worth buying in to.

    The interesting thing I've noticed in my multiplayer habits is that there is no room for being exceptional at a wide variety of these types of games. Out of the dozens of multiplayer games that came out for PS3 and PC this year I only had time to really get into the games listed below and especially this years winner: Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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    Battlefield BC2 Video: M136 AT4 Impressiveness


    Fight Night Round 4 [PS3] Review: "Fun And Problematic"

    Flashing Lights, Glistening Sweat The Rest You Can Pay For Via DLC


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    Need For Speed Shift [PS3] Review: Personality vs. Precision

    As a reluctant Gran Turismo fan, getting into another hardcore racing simulator comes with a fair share of baggage. There is even a longer road to hoe if your hardcore racing sim has Need For Speed in a stylish font splashed upon your box. The Need For Speed series has suffered from what has left Tony Hawk and other annualized game franchises completely stagnant. The games are either too by-the-numbers, like ProStreet and Underground, or they are a failed experiment, like Undercover. If this is the age of the first-person shooter, pulling up a distant second place finish would be racing games. Within the past two years we have seen entries such as GRID, Forza Motorsport 3 and of course Burnout: Paradise. With the exception of Paradise, the aforementioned racers have staked their claim critically, proving that hardcore racing sims still have relevance in the gaming community. What about Need For Speed: Shift

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