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    Binge Play: Mass Effect Series

    Humans are the least interesting thing in this game. Which is how it should be.

    Playing the Mass Effect series intermittently for the past six months [summer & winter of 2016]. I believe, collectively I put close to 250+ hours into the series and I’m still debating if I even like what I played. I know I liked the Mako, but I didn’t like using it on every planet [Mass Effect 1]. I know I hated scanning, but I liked the feeling of a cursory search in a galaxy I had a middling interest in. Maybe if I’d chosen Jennifer Hale instead of the dry delivery of Mark Meer to voice my caramel-skinned Commander Shepard -- maybe I’d care to play through this series again. Unfortunately, that won’t happen.

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    Mass Effect Makes Me Sad To Be A PS3 Owner

    You see that star power? Sony fanboys, please come to my aid. Like so many summoned beasts in a Playstation exclusive Final Fantasy contract, I need to know what parry the console has to this Microsoft thrust. I guess we will have to rely on rumors that both installations of Mass Effect are being begrudgingly coded for a future release on the PS3.  For every Resistance they have a Halo, for every Killzone they have a Gears Of War and now...they have a Mass Effect, what's the counterpunch? MAG? Are you serious?

    It should be noted that this is a joke used to deliberately rile fans of both consoles up. Mass Effect is awesome and so are the games for the PS3, which I love as far as a man can love an inanimate object.