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    Games Are[n't] Worth It?

    You didn't know you wanted it, until you saw it on the internet.

    I guess I'm ready to write about games again. I got this screen cap in my inbox this past weekend. I'm actually having a hard time expressing any shred of thought about said image, other than a muted chuckle. Okay, that and mild shame for finding it hilarious.

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    Go Bucks?

    Tressel lost his keys...

    I guess it is that time again.  This is where I say...the Ohio State University are my favorite football team and I'm so into college football right? Well, the truth is...I could honestly give a damn if OSU loses or wins in the largest scheme of things.  I'm not a huge fan of college football and therefore, when it comes to my Alma Mater...even less enthusiastic.

    However, there are times where my interest are trully piqued.  There are times where I get kinda all caught up in it.  It's fun, and off-putting afterward usually. I can't help but think, "This is what people are like all the time in Columbus?", by people I mean those that quote, "Bleed Scarlet & Grey".

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