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    Entries in Mass Effect (3)


    Binge Play: Mass Effect Series

    Humans are the least interesting thing in this game. Which is how it should be.

    Playing the Mass Effect series intermittently for the past six months [summer & winter of 2016]. I believe, collectively I put close to 250+ hours into the series and I’m still debating if I even like what I played. I know I liked the Mako, but I didn’t like using it on every planet [Mass Effect 1]. I know I hated scanning, but I liked the feeling of a cursory search in a galaxy I had a middling interest in. Maybe if I’d chosen Jennifer Hale instead of the dry delivery of Mark Meer to voice my caramel-skinned Commander Shepard -- maybe I’d care to play through this series again. Unfortunately, that won’t happen.

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    Commercial Break: What The S**t!? Mass Effect

    My juggling act on this end has prevented me from delving into plenty of topics that have been crowding my Google Documents page. What is the outside world like? Please tell me. I've been toiling away here and I've been neglecting you lovely people.

    Here, take this incredibly creepy series, What The S**t. Brought to us by Youtube user, Axeface1, What The S**t seems to cover a branching path of the Mass Effect series. Let's call it a disfigured path.

    In the mean time kids, I'll keep looking at these Google Docs. I'm sure something will pop up on the brog soon. You'll see.


    Mass Effect Makes Me Sad To Be A PS3 Owner

    You see that star power? Sony fanboys, please come to my aid. Like so many summoned beasts in a Playstation exclusive Final Fantasy contract, I need to know what parry the console has to this Microsoft thrust. I guess we will have to rely on rumors that both installations of Mass Effect are being begrudgingly coded for a future release on the PS3.  For every Resistance they have a Halo, for every Killzone they have a Gears Of War and now...they have a Mass Effect, what's the counterpunch? MAG? Are you serious?

    It should be noted that this is a joke used to deliberately rile fans of both consoles up. Mass Effect is awesome and so are the games for the PS3, which I love as far as a man can love an inanimate object.