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    Season's Beatings: Velocity -- The Aftermath, The Photos, The Phoenix

    This year's Season's Beatings will be known for a great deal of surprises. I'm very proud of Godlike Entertainment from building this, once small event, into an international mainstay.

    For three days the fighting game world had all eyes on TeamSpooky's stream. Attention was drawn to a medium-sized, Asian cuisine-themed restaurant in Momo's. For the past six years Godlike Entertainment has been working hard to get the tournament known locally. Then it was known on the East Coast. Then people started calling it "a major." 

    This year's Season's Beatings: Velocity, proved itself internationally. It may be lost on hardcore fighting game fans, and those who are only passively involved via live streams [a.k.a. stream monsters]. Having players from Korea, Japan and France put Columbus, Ohio on their itinerary -- kind of a big deal. 

    At least it is for me.

    Below are the results, my thoughts, and some photos.

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    Season's Beatings: Velocity -- Oct. 14th - Oct. 16th

    Just thought I'd make my obligatory, annual post about the best damn fighting game tournament on Earth. Well, at least in my eyes, and I wear glasses, so that's like four! This weekend in Columbus, Ohio the sixth installment of the Season's Beatings fighting game tournament will be held at MoMo's. I will be holding a MadCatz stick in one hand and a DSLR in the other. If you can weed through the 700 hundred-plus, attendees, say "Hi!" I promise I'll greet in return.

    *Disclaimer: I owe a great deal of credit to Godlike Entertainment and the Season's Beatings events, because it made me realize where I wanted to go with my writing. It made me value the fighting game community. So that's why this is especially important to me.

    [After the break: Weekend Schedule, Live Stream link, and Photos]

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