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    Seasons Beating IV: Daigo vs Justin - The Aftermath

    This event was something no thread or internet streaming video could truly capture.  Even I could not capture the entire run of every tournament, but when I was at Seasons Beatings IV; I took in as much information as possible.  There were games, that up until now, I had not seen high-level play and when I did catch the classic Sanford Kelly versus Justin Wong matches; these matches went beyond my expectations. This was a wake up call. A huge wake up call to the fighting community as a whole. Street Fighter IV has indeed arrived and is a game with comparable depth to it's predecessors. There was/is resistance when talking to veteran players about Street Fighter IV [even I was and still am a naysayer], but after this tourney and this year's EVO; Street Fighter has earned its spot as one of the premiere, high-level tournament fighting games.

    While I was there I took some photos, not my best day, but I tried to capture the essence.

    Below Is video of the Street Fighter IV: Grand Final. Justin Wong vs. Umehara Daigo.  The Final Set [Daigo won the first]

    After the jump [Results/Opinions/Photos/Marvel vs Capcom 2: Justin vs Sanford Grand Final]

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    Seasons Beatings 4: Schedule and Possible Streaming

    Just in case you have not seen the fighting game forums, Seasons Beatings IV will be the stage where Umehara Daigo plays in a best of 10 match against long-time fighting game rival Justin Wong.  The event takes place October 16th through October 18th and after the jump will be schedule and streaming information.

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    Seasons Beatings 4: New Crack City - Daigo vs Justin, Oct. 16th - 18th

    This weekend the fourth installment of the annual Season's Beatings, one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the U.S. takes place in my lovely city, Columbus, OH.  Hosted by Fugee La & Ghaleon, Season's Beatings is sure to make some worldwide noise in the fighting game community.  If you have not seen the 50-page thread dedicated to the event on, you should know you have until Tuesday to register and pay. Go to the Season's Beating IV website to register, pay and while you're there grab a shirt.

    Headlining the event will be longtime rivals Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong who you may remember from a certain epic match years ago. They have had only a few encounters in tournaments since that match in other tournaments.  This will be the first time they will be put on center stage in a best of 10 in a little game called Street Fighter IV.

    I'll be covering the latter half of the event on Saturday and Sunday, so be ready to be photographed [also you can NOT be photographed, just tell me...I'm not a jerk...well at least about this].  Here is a look at last year's photos. Keep an eye on the this site and Shoryuken for the photos and tournament results. If you are one of the fortunate many who are coming to Columbus for the event, have fun and I'll see you there!