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    The Canada Cup Stream -- What Went Wrong?

    It's hard to complain about something being provided to you for free. Even harder to post criticisms of a major event when you didn't attend. I'll start this little diatribe with praise. I think Canada Cup pulled off, what could only be described as, the fighting game community equivalent of the Olympics. The tournament that took place this past weekend had talent from Singapore, Japan, Korea, Europe and North America. This doesn't include the talent required to organize and structure said event to begin with. Canada Cup Gaming, keep up the good work and please take my words as they are: from someone who witnessed your event from a computer screen -- from someone who just wants to help.

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    Season's Beatings: Velocity -- Oct. 14th - Oct. 16th

    Just thought I'd make my obligatory, annual post about the best damn fighting game tournament on Earth. Well, at least in my eyes, and I wear glasses, so that's like four! This weekend in Columbus, Ohio the sixth installment of the Season's Beatings fighting game tournament will be held at MoMo's. I will be holding a MadCatz stick in one hand and a DSLR in the other. If you can weed through the 700 hundred-plus, attendees, say "Hi!" I promise I'll greet in return.

    *Disclaimer: I owe a great deal of credit to Godlike Entertainment and the Season's Beatings events, because it made me realize where I wanted to go with my writing. It made me value the fighting game community. So that's why this is especially important to me.

    [After the break: Weekend Schedule, Live Stream link, and Photos]

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