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    Commercial Break: What The S**t!? Mass Effect

    My juggling act on this end has prevented me from delving into plenty of topics that have been crowding my Google Documents page. What is the outside world like? Please tell me. I've been toiling away here and I've been neglecting you lovely people.

    Here, take this incredibly creepy series, What The S**t. Brought to us by Youtube user, Axeface1, What The S**t seems to cover a branching path of the Mass Effect series. Let's call it a disfigured path.

    In the mean time kids, I'll keep looking at these Google Docs. I'm sure something will pop up on the brog soon. You'll see.


    The Brog Is San Diego Bound!

    Well, I guess I've never surfed before. I guess I could do that...right?

    That's right guys and gals, thanks to the small success of this site over the years, I've actually been able to save some cash and take this dog and pony show on the road*. You may remember a little dedication video last year made by friends of the site, Lea and Jesse. Well I'm visiting them and eating up all their refrigerated food.


    It'll be a five day adventure starting this coming Thursday. Here's the deal. I'm kinda documenting this whole trip in some fashion or another [audio, video, but especially photo]. I kinda don't know where I should go or do. Out of the five days, I've got about a day and a half-worth of business to handle. That's about it.


    It's San Diego, where people go, prior to going to heaven. I'm also fairly sure the latin of San Diego translates to "Heaven's waiting room." Don't quote me on that. So I've started an initiative, which is rare for me considering how my offline life is completely at odds with this whole trip. If you've ever visited or ever wanted to go to a certain place in San Diego, I'm your man. I'll also venture up to L.A. for a day, but it's really all about San Diego people.


    Send me your suggestions via the comments below or my Twitter feed. I'll keep checking my timeline, this site, and in the coming days, a similar post is going up on Couchbound.


    If you know of any odd spots, restaurants, dancing places that don't cost a fortune to get into, feed me with those suggestions. When I return, I'm sure I'll have a story to tell.


    *Note: There will actually be no ponies involved, but several dogs.



    Stoney Knows How - A Piece Of Ohio History

    One of the best finds I have ever spotted. Props to Shawn Elliott and his mighty Twitter. And major props to for preserving such a rich and odd documentary.

    Film by Alan Govenar, Bruce "Pacho" Lane
    Produced by Alan Govenar
    Cinematographer: Les Blank
    Sound: Alan Govenar
    Editing: Bruce "Pacho" Lane
    Copyright: 2006, Documentary Arts
    29 minutes, Color
    Original format: 16mm, 1981
    Distributor Contact: Documentary Arts, Inc.
    More Film Facts Streaming only. For other permissions apply to Alan Govenar, Bruce "Pacho" Lane or to the distributor, Documentary Arts, Inc..