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    Commercial Break: Ira Glass On Creative Writing

    Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.


    My job is pulling every ounce of energy out of my body. So I better get these in while one eyelid is half-open. I'm not the biggest fan of Ira Glass, but I do appreciate his views on writing. I think his writing is better than his speaking. Since I'm always thinking of ways to tear down my writing [the stuff you see on this site, it's usually deleted three times before an actual posting], I thought it'd be best to look up someone I know is talent, yet I'm not particularly fond of.

    I got this. This works.

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    NPR: Honoring J Dilla's Music and His Legacy

    "Do Me A Favah...Please! Turn It Up!"-J. Dilla

    Listen Now

    Day to Day, February 12, 2009 - February isn't just Black History Month. It's also "J Dilla Month" — declared by Stones Throw Records in honor of the Detroit hip-hop producer James "J Dilla" Yancey. He died three years ago this weekend. The L.A.-based label worked closely with Dilla before he passed. Eothen "Egon" Alapatt, Stones Throw's general manager, talks about Dilla's music and legacy.

    One of my favorite artists. Musically and otherwise.  He is sorely missed.

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    Why Am I On A Sarah Vowell Kick?


    I don't know why...out of all [busy]days I've chosen to listen to one of the most boringest people on the Earth! Her history game is on point though.  I'm finding that she needs to speak with more slang.  Slipping in the occasional 'aight' and 'yo' would give her that cross over appeal to a listening audience that doesn't want to go to sleep to her voice.  Below...some selected entries of Miss Vowell

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    I May...Or May Not Be On WOSU NPR Today

    My View Of All Things NPR

    I was being interviewed by a young lady while at work today about the credit crisis and how it is existing as a student and/or worker bee. It is probably on as I type if you're missing it like I am go here.


    Podcast Round Up

    1946 Roy Dale Pat Radio Show

    With great, large, ultra hopes of doing another podcast in the future.  I shall do a round up and review podcasts I've been listening two through out my week.

    This Week:

    A more detailed review of this weeks ramblings after the jump...

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