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    On The Subject of Comfort Levels

    Here we see Shoko feeling comfortable enough to risk getting pinkeye from her cat's butt.


    Okay, so I haven’t published a lot of my writing about games, or really anything, in recent months. The truth is, it’s really pretty rad. I’ve been able to dance and run more. I’ve been playing through my PS3/PS2 backlog. I built a gaming computer. Next month I’m hopping back into photography with a new fancy camera. Things have happened. Things are happening.


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    I May...Or May Not Be On WOSU NPR Today

    My View Of All Things NPR

    I was being interviewed by a young lady while at work today about the credit crisis and how it is existing as a student and/or worker bee. It is probably on as I type if you're missing it like I am go here.