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    Write, Because You Aren't Being Represented

    These are the hands of Willie Wayne Young, a self-taught sketch artist. He sketches mostly the mundane of everyday life in Dallas, Texas. He began doing this in between customers at the barbershop he currently works.


    If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written you’d know that games writing is something I just “did just to do.” Somewhere between now and 2008, I’ve managed to meet more progressive thinkers which has helped me mature as a person. Unfortunately, I had to step away. It took me the better part of last year to figure out the reason(s) I continue to write about games -- among other things. It had a lot to do with my passions shifting, my health, and the reason I have your eyes here at this moment.


    Here’s where I, abstractly, beg you to start writing.

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    Commercial Break: Ira Glass On Creative Writing

    Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.


    My job is pulling every ounce of energy out of my body. So I better get these in while one eyelid is half-open. I'm not the biggest fan of Ira Glass, but I do appreciate his views on writing. I think his writing is better than his speaking. Since I'm always thinking of ways to tear down my writing [the stuff you see on this site, it's usually deleted three times before an actual posting], I thought it'd be best to look up someone I know is talent, yet I'm not particularly fond of.

    I got this. This works.

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