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    Things I Did While In San Diego...

    Visit La Holla beach, but remember to mispronounce "La Hoya" to "La Holla."Before we get into the details of one of the greatest trips of my life, I think I should send a tremendous thank you and shout out to Jesse Cunningham and Lea Stretch. Without them this trip wouldn't have been as great as it turned out. There are a lot of things that happened on the trip that clearly won't fit in any blog post, but hopefully I can get some of the finer points right.

    Below are some photos and bulletpoints of the wild ride that was San Diego...


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    Personal Note: Jesse & Lea's Christmas Gift

    I typically want to slash and burn any video with me dancing in it, but Mr. Jesse Cunningham did good work. This is around that time a year where I'd be writing a slew of articles reflecting on my year and things to come. After I watched this, I decided it could wait. Let's all go outside [but stay inside if its too cold] and enjoy life. 

    2010...its been real.

    [sidenote: Lea, your mom is soo hawwwwwt]