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    Graphic Update: Joe The Barbarian

    With moments of such honesty and self-awareness, it's a shame Joe The Barbarian's story is so clumsily inconsistent as it is poetic.

    Joe The Barbarian isn’t my favorite comic. There is a middle-portion of the story that I found annoyingly boring. I kinda wanted to see a “Choose Your Own Adventure” segment of this book where the little runt dies. “Take that, kid with hypoglycemia and a newly dead, war veteran, father.”

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    Graphic Update: The Unexpected

    A collection of works breathing life into the suspense and horror genre pulp comics once represented.

    Work, photography and dance have been occupying a ton of my creative energies. Time to go back to my roots. That’s right. Writing grammatically incorrect sentences for the web.

    You’re probably wondering why you are seeing my thoughts about comics again. Thanks to our unseasonably warm Sprinter [or is it Wring?], I’ve made it a point to dig through my ever growing backlog of comics, finding a park bench, and burying myself within pages of strange tales. I mean, it’s either that or writing about video games -- and I’m not in a rush to receive the poorly spelled death threats via tweet and e-mail. Let us frolic!

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    Commercial Break: Robots Be Jumpin'

    "Another Commercial Break?!"

    I know right? It's like there are more commercials than show on this damn site, as of late. Well, I'll have you know, I've been paying the bills on my end. And yes, I've been sitting on a couple finished articles that I've just been re-editing and sharpening.

    In the mean time, I got this internet clip of a Sand Flea Jumping Robot

    "But Isaiah, this has nothing to do with video games or Rachael Leigh Cooke."

    True, and I'm glad you brought that up. I've actually been playing a fair amount of games and germinating thoughts and ideas about my passions. Unfortunately, this means I have to take large "thinky breaks" to fine tune what I want to say to you. And by "you" I mean this white page with the blinking cursor and nothing else on it.

    I'm sure the game writing community hasn't missed me, nor has Miss Cooke. Rest assured that this jumping robot clip will function as a symbol of dedication of me delivering random thoughts to you, but more so, Rachael Leigh Cooke.



    *note: Racheal Leigh Cooke does not endorse or condone any of the thoughts this post or any post The Brog and/or the has published.

    Commercial Break: HK Street Sharks

    HK Street Sharks from SeaShepherd HK on Vimeo.



    Living in an age where my generation can't wait to glom to the next trendiest, yet rebellious movement. I'm wondering how many who viewed this:


    • Found the director annoying.
    • Found the not-so-cleverly edited score to be overtly manipulative.
    • Wondered, just how delicious shark fin soup really is.
    • Wondered how thousands of shark fins just casually winds up on a sidewalk.
    • Tried their best to not make a Shark Tale or TinFins joke


    If one of those thoughts entered your cynical brain, then you are a terrible person. A terrible person, of whom I could find friendship in.

    Sometimes, the ills of man are kinda worth laughing at. Apologies to those who were offended and genuinely care about the well-being of shark fins. I strongly endorse caring for all animals, equally, across the board. Even those ugly ones and the ones that could chomp our faces off without a second look. 

    See? I'm not so bad.



    What Is The Role Of The Photographer?


    [Props to Ruben Salvadori winning Milan's Photo Dreaming contest.]


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    The Freak & The Geek: Games Journalism's Coverage Of Sub-Cultures

    [I mean, I say “sub-cultures,” but I know why you’re here. ]

    In the previous days the well-read and progressive-thinking ventured to the seediest part of town to catch a dog and pony show, respectively. Only a handful know of it, and are privileged when invited. These writing dignitaries stared into a cage rife with filth and a stench that could conjure convulsive dry heaves. When they looked in, they saw a beast that resembled a human, but clearly wasn’t capable of acting like one.

    A malnourished, feral child looks back at the visitors through a cage. It’s seasoned. It knows what faces to make and what songs to sing. But it also knows that these people are only here to see that one special trick. The freak is the main attraction, and always has been the main attraction for this one trick. When the well-dressed visitors pay their pence, the host hands the freak a whole chicken.

    SNAP! Without a second thought, that chicken’s head is off and is making it’s way through the sharpened teeth of the freak’s foul-smelling mouth. The visitors look in disgust, but they still look. They call it names. They can’t believe it’s existence. They shuffle and scoot closer. The freak picks the fowl apart meticulously, not forgetting a bone or sinewy tendon. It’s trick is over. A crass belch is let out and for any who continue to gaze, the freak gazes back.

    Only this time, the freak threw the bones back. “You’re the freak. I’m the geek.”

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    Commercial Break: Processed Food vs Whole Foods -- Inside Of You


    One day me and some dancing buddies were waiting in line at an IHOP talking about cancer. Because, you know, what else would some twenty-somethings talk about while waiting to fill ourselves with sugary-fried goodness? 

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    Commercial Break: Eager Scientist vs. Lava Lake


    When I was a kid, I had this eschewed vision of what lava could do. I had weird fantasies of lining up my toys next to the base of a volcano and watching the toxic plastic, become deformed representations of what Hasbro initially sold my mom. Not for once thinking that my shoes, feet and legs would be destroyed in the process of watching my toys turn to ash. I've always wanted to get close enough to touch a "super-teensy" portion and taste it. Because when you're a kid you think lava tastes like hot orange sherbert.

    Which, even in theory, is a terrible taste to imagine. When I see this eager scientist running up to the lava lake. I see an educated man tapping into that child that [momentarily] threw away logic and is dead-set on putting is toys as close to destruction as possible.

    It's cool that he got the sample and can study the inner-workings of how our planet reacts to our existence. I'd still like to see what lava does to some die-cast metal though.



    Short Documentary: The Death & Life Of Radiotron

    TRACES NO.1: YOUTH BREAK CENTER, INC. / RADIOTRON from maya santos on Vimeo.


    An event, I've always wanted to photograph and participate in Radiotron. I only knew of it via VHS tapes [and now DVDs]. I remember talking to West Coast bboys and bgirls years back, who said there has always been a movement to continue throwing events and gatherings in the name of Radiotron. Though the original building has been destroyed and turned into a strip mall, the people who truly care about keeping a community are still doing great things [].

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    Chronicle Review -- Found Footage Failure

    Poor Chronicle. It takes a special kind of movie to make nose-bleeding, telekinetics look boring as s**t.

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