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    Iron Man 3 Is The Best Of All The Iron Man's. Please Stop Making Iron Man Films.

    The real star of Iron Man 3? Jarvis the Stark-programmed companion, possibly dying from some form of robot cancer.

    So, this was the best Iron Man movie of all the Iron Man films. Crazy talk, right? How does one forget the awe-inspiring original film that shocked the moviegoing world by not sucking all the way? We expected nothing from a character that wasn’t already sewn into the fabric of idealized American superhero idols. Iron Man 3 is the best we could have ever hoped for in a third installment of ANY film in this day and age, while managing to embrace the “full hokeyness” that the previous two films seemed to lack. Unfortunate timing surrounds the film given one of the major themes of Iron Man 3 is localized terrorism.

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