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    Personal Note: So I Went Home To Cleveland This Weekend

    I use to wonder why I got beat up so much in elementary school. It's because my high-top fade was unmatched!

    Sometimes you just gotta go home to get some perspective of where you are.

    I seldom give people I personally know, a glimpse into my personal life. Not to mention you kind folks who only exist in an online capacity. Consider this post and that horrifying image above, a rare occurrence. I've been writing about games, movies and other odd interest for a while. Three years ago, I decided to bring my talents [or lack thereof] to this very blog you're reading. 

    As a result of my need to make some kind of connection to people, while keeping them at an appreciated distance -- opportunity struck. I've been fortunate to write for a handful of sites and make a little pizza money on the side because of it.

    Photography gigs popped up and more writing opportunities followed. I began to start believing in whatever manufactured hype, that only I see in this little corner of the internet. It took me going home to Cleveland to celebrate my mother's birthday to slap some sense into me.

    I was already heading in to this trip with an ominous black cloud hanging over my head. My fully functional car managed to get more problems thanks to a visit to my local mechanic, leading me to spend hundreds of dollars that I didn't have. Which lead to less gifts for mom and a son feeling -- inadequate.

    There is still something so powerfully male and dimwitted about a guy, almost thirty years of age, thinking he's proven himself in life and is fit to present an image as a provider. Luckily, last week's misfortunes lead to this week's, I'd like to call it, article of clarity.

    My rambling is getting ahead of the events of importance.

    So, I'm good and broke going into last week. Feeling nice and inadequate. But there needs to be an event that pulls this man-child out of his comfort zone. The fates, karma, several religious entities gathered at a round-table [I'm sure] and decided, "What could further emasculate a man who seems to to be taking for granted his recent small fortunes?"

    How about a break-in?

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