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    Choosing Your Own Misadventure

    [I promise you I’m gonna climb out of my little writing depression, but give me a little time y’all. It’s taking me long periods to organize thoughts. Thank you for reading.]



    So, I played The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us within one week. Only, that week was about two months ago from the day of me writing this. In between that time I’d been thinking about how we choose our adventures with media -- and how that reflects our daily lives. Though I can’t predict how the average person who has a 9-to-5 plays games. I’ve just begun scraping the surface on how I decompress after a long day with games.

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    Sony's Press Conference Live-Tweeted & "Interpreted"

    A Taste Of Professionalism 

    For full coverage go here

    Proof-positive that Isaiah and a bottle of wine, plus a 1-to-3 A.M. press conference is a recipe for *disaster. Be on the look out for future live tweet of events [I've got E3 in my cross hairs]. I seem to like doing them and people seem to love expressing a certain level of disgust at my un-professionalism. 

    So I must be on to something, right?


    *or awesome, depending on your sense of humor.


    Personal Note: It's Been That Kind Of Week

    video via rickymachinima

    I try and keep the Brog PG-13, but sometimes a healthy f**k is good to squeeze out of the body every now and again. Don't worry, it won't become commonplace, but boy has the gaming world shown it's ugly side this week [again]. I probably haven't contributed to the healing process [pay no attention to my twitter feed]. I'd like to think at least writing this stuff down is a good piece of therapy. It's just unfortunate that when I do bitch about the pitfalls of this culture I'm met with "you know this is par for the course, right?"

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    A Letter To Sony: "You're Doing Great, Now Stop With The Stupidity"