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    Max Payne 3: I Aggressively Hate This Game

    Three Times Your Daily Allowance Of White Saviorism


    Max Payne 3 turned out to be the game people wanted after they realized realistic gun violence needs a better soundtrack.  I never was a Max Payne fan. I think this is a result of playing the PS2 games well after the Matrix hype died down. Shooting bullets at a slower rate of speed was cool. I mean “bullet time” became a known term because of Max Payne. What have you done for me lately Max Payne? Have you upheld all the current tropes in gaming? Yes, you have. This video game stars a white dude in a land of poor people of color. He shoots them and the developers made sure it felt mechanically great. This game is well liked in my friend group and I can see its charm, but outside of the dope soundtrack, Max Payne 3 a big budget fart of a game.

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