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    Indie Game: Thomas Was Alone 

    One of the last indie games released on the PS3 shouldn't be forgotten.


    I’m typing this expecting not many will read it. I’m typing this knowing full well this in a post-E3 week world, everyone is, at the very least, interested in the “what comes next.” With a few empty bottles of syrah on my small table, next to the bills, I’m struggling to think something ‘catchy’ as a headline. It’s probably best to go with the truth.

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    Perspective -- First-Person 2D Puzzle-Platformer


    *Puts fake book upon fake bookshelf*


    Oh, Hi! I didn't see you there. You've probably been wondering what I've been up to. If you haven't, that hurts and how did your love turn to hate so fast?

    In any event, things typically pick up for me writing-wise around this time of year. I don't know why, but I'm currently looking at 7 half-finished documents in Google. I've also been playing a fair amount of indie games, comic book reading and [thanks to the power outage], movie watching. You'll be learning about all those great adventures at a later date.

    In the mean time, feel free to check out this innovative little nugget in the first-person vein. Students over at DigiPen Institute of Technology have crafted quite the artistic puzzler.

    Instead of using the first-person perspective for shooting-stuff-or-dudes, this student team has used the mechanic to incorporate 2D puzzle aspects in a 3D environment. This pretty much opens up all kinds of doors as far as what else we can and should be doing with the technology available. The game is called, oddly enough, Perspective.

    I think that's cool. More updates to come.

    Source: DigiPen


    The Void: Dead Rising 2, FIFA '10 and Soldner-X2

    Amazing what a Google image search will get you. I promise to never use this again.

    I’ve gotten a couple tweets about doing more game reviews and its appreciated. I’m doing the best I can over here, but thanks to the small success of the site, work has actually picked up. This is only partly the reason why you don’t see as many video game reviews. A contributing factor would be that a lot of games have been sucked into what I’d like to call, The Void.

    The Void is the nebulous area in a small portion of my brain that never quite gets into whatever media I’m imbibing. This could mean me playing a game for 10 minutes or 10 hours and still not making any significant progress to determine a feeling.  This also applies to a plethora of media that I often quit midway through [sorry Boardwalk Empire, I’ll wait for the DVD box set].
    Recent entries are as follows:

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