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    Protesting From A Gamer's Perspective

    Good luck protestors, I hope your motives are honest and true.


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    Google is now one of 10 most recognizable brands!

    These Women Have Absolutely NOTHING To Do With This Article

    Just in case you aren't aware, those ladies are throwing up the 'Ballin'' symbol. You see it is something you do when you feel care free and feel the need to show others around you, "Why yes sir, I am making a crap-ton of money...and no...I will not be sharing it with you."

    Google after ten years of existence has placed 10th in Interbrands annual Best Global Brands survey. Although this probably seems like no suprise to those who are internet savvy or just have a job that revolves around a keyboard and glowing box. This is quite the feat for Google seeing as the rest of the companies on that list have a couple decades on them.

    If you feel like next year Google will be dubbed "Humanity's Lord & Savior" you are not alone.