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    Fast & Furious 6 Altered My View On Sequels

    They Throw Several Cars At A Jumbo Jet

    My hope is that I can die in my late 90s having watched, some version of a Fast & Furious film in every year leading up to my timely demise. I’ve written a great deal about games with numbers after them. Snarking on the internet for less sequels.  I’d always championed the idea of experiencing something new, though I’m still not sure what that means. I think this is a concept I’d like to think applies to all forms of media. However, in the case of a Fast & Furious film, feelings must be altered. Maybe I need to change how I think about the concept of a sequel.


    Truth time. There has only been two good Fast & Furious films up until this six interation. The original film, no, not that one, was viewed by an audience that played Gran Turismo and Tony Hawk games. Within’ that playful era, the audience begged for an over-the-top surrealism in a world they may have wanted to be known as “the cool kids that raced cars … illegally.” The Fast & Furious then became the Dirty Dancing of this generation. We were treated to some fairly boring films up until the fifth installment of Fast & Furious. I attribute this to the series figuring out why people want to see a Vin Diesel and Paul Walker on-screen. Hint: It isn’t for their acting range.


    Improbable arguments which result in even more fantastical quests. Cars that find ramps, that land in boats. Director Justin Lin and the best damn stunt coordination team take some of America’s prettiest cars and throw them at tanks and jumbo airplanes. Male power fantasy with an occasional attempt at empowering the women in the cast, it is all such a meaty subject I couldn’t begin to wrap up in just one post about the series in general.


    I like that this film and this franchise knows what it is and why people watch. I could have watched Star Trek that weekend. However, Star Trek doesn’t have a Gina Carano-slash-Michelle Rodriguez close combat fight sequence. Nor is there a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson nonsensically walking into a scene and throwing someone at a wall. The choice is clear.




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