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    Isaiah, Where Have You Been?

     Still some of the best Pho I've ever had in my life...


    "... cuz I never see you out."

    It's been so long hasn't it? Over nine months to be exact, but who's counting?

    So many changes have occurred. One of those major changes occurred last year. My computer and camera both died within the same month. This led to a series of dominos falling. As many of my friends and family knew, I'd been looking for work, networking and generally vacationing on the west coast. What many didn't know is that having my camera and computer die on me a week prior to me travelling to San Diego. Oy vey.

    Another domino falls.

    Turns out, having minimal technology function for me was the perfect catalyst in getting my butt to actually talk to humans in real life. Yay for communication skills! While out in San Diego [and yes, I'm giving you an update on a vacation that took place last year, hang in there] I was basically given another chance to reevaluate what more I can offer friends beyond an ethernet cable. 

    Hey fellaaaaaaaas!

    One of my best friends was [and forever will be] training for what people call obstacle racing. The entire week I ate clean with her, organic foods, read and asked her a thousand questions as to why her life had led her down this mud-filled road. Several dominos fell in her life that only she'd be thoughtful enough to explain. I'm very sure I wouldn't do it justice. But trust me, she's one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. 

    Another domino falls.

    I've been a dancer for quite some time [12 years] and it wasn't until a few years back, when I got into being around other dancers and attending local events. However, I've always been on the fence about competing again and of course the "hows and whys" of challenging myself. This same trip, where I discovered mental health is just as important as physical health [yeah, "no, duh Isaiah"], was also the same trip where I entered a battle, and some how, made it to the finals?


    [Andre definitely deserved that win, I ran out of gas and my body just quit dancing. If you'd like to see more footage of me and my friends, check out Time2Rockdance's youtube page.] 

    So, a bundle of these experiences kinda proved that "getting out there" and taking a risk is just as important as being a bit of a homebody and a meticulous planner. Because what are plans without actions, right?

    Besides being rededicated to dance while my writing and photography may be on hold, I've discovered a newfound love. As of my return from the west coast, I'm a runner now. Don't believe me? Here's the proof.

    That's right, as soon as I got of that plane, I've racked up over 300 miles and I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

    Another domino falls.

    I'd be lying if I didn't say I've been addicted to my twitter feed and reading the many changes social media and the games culture has been morphing in and out of. I compiled a mound of notes that I thought I'd upload on this little blog here, but then I thought more about and I figured I'd abstain.


    Every Monday & Wednesday you can catch me and one of my oldest dancing friends, Dustin [that's him in the middle], teaching Ohio State's best & brightest with the OSU Bboy Club.

    I've actually abstained from watching films and playing a multitude of games. I wanted to make sure my passion for running was real and not just a honeymoon phase. I wanted to make sure the kids I teach [and learn from] had my undivided attention, because out of all of this ... I've recently been made a coach for the OSU Bboy Club.

    I also needed to make sure I still liked games and the culture that surrounds the nebulous medium. Turns out, I do. Now, more than ever.

    So yeah, I'm a wearer of many hats -- figurative and literal. And I can't tell ya what the future holds, because I'm still treading water as we speak. But I promise that I've always been here...waiting to writing something special.

    Oh, and I got a new laptop. That helps too.

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