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    Happy Holidays From The Brog

    Oh that Krampus always causing a ruckus

    As I sit here wrapping the final gifts, infested with flu-like symptoms, imbibing both wine and Theraflu. I'm reminded of several things: 1) no matter how hard I try, my allergy to alcohol will continue being my Achilles' Heel to a life of drunkatude. 2) I've never felt luckier to have met and made connections to you great people on the internet. Your tweets and inboxed links haven't gone unnoticed. Sidenote: some of that s**t is straight-up weird and has resulted in a record number of blocks and reports. So, yeah, there's that.

    What was I getting at with this? Oh yeah, 3) I'm not a rich guy, or even moderately "balling." I spent a fair amount [okay, all] of my spending money on my mom and little sister this holiday. At the same time, I'm not trying to go in debt or make a material statement as to my status in life. I got lucky with this friend group. They only expect me to be me. It was super-unfortunate I couldn't get everyone at least a joke/gag gift, but this post will have to suffice.

    Below you'll find links to art, articles, and videos that I hold very dear. Some are to be taken in jest, others not-so-much. Thanks for the support.

    And don't let Krampus poke you.

    Red Letter Media's Mr. Plinkett reviews are pretty-much web famous. If you haven't mined through all of the Star Trek and Star Wars reviews I totally encourage that behavior. Though I think Plinkett's I'm-an-old-guy-who-killed-his-wife-and-loves-Pizza-Rolls shtick ran dry a couple reviews ago, the points he makes about the most recent Indiana Jones echo so much that I couldn't even broach in my own review of the turdbuster. [Warning: Plinkett's reviews are long, this one alone is split into two parts each almost 30-minutes a piece!]



    My Drunk Kitchen has been a staple during my long days of work. You've probably been inundated by several videos of Harto's via my Twitter or Facebook timelines. There is a reason for that, the secret of life is within them. Good luck proving me wrong.


    By U Joo & Limhee YoungExpect more from this husband and wife artistic duo. Though my artistic background is primarily in photography, I've been studying foreign kinectic sculptures and microprocessors and I really like-slash-can't comprehend how they make what they make. You'll see sometime next week the magic this team can do with art and tech.



    Years back I remember kicking around an idea of a camera and flash that would fire photons into the human body. The photons would bounce around and the lens would track all these movements. The funding fell through, but the idea is still being entertained. Though my idea has absolutely nothing to do with the ideas of MIT geniuses, it's still kinda cool to see people [way] smarter than myself bring their ideas to...light [*puts on shades* "Yeaaaaaaaah!"]



    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a little indie game from some pretty big minds. Rumor has it some fine ex-Irrational Game Studios folk worked on it. May want to check out more here. [Source: IndieDB]



    What an unfortunate name for a man who isn't a basketball player, however, I will be playing this on my drive up. You know, when I'm not playing Bone Thugs-N-Harmony or Mhz.


    Brought to you by Frashier's Flickr

    Well...I'm not quite sure how to end this...


    Thanks for the support. It really has been a long haul and I appreciate all the criticism and helpful writing tips.


    Happy Holidays [did you find all my little easter eggs?],





    [and yes, you are the wettest in the building.]

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