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    The E3 Trailer Brog. [Updated 6-5!]



    With compliments from and my non-willingness to get 8 hours of sleep.  I've made a brog dedicated to the trailers and videos released from the major companies at E3.  As of right now I have: Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft's releases below.  Later on tonight I'll be updating this brog with Sony and Nintendo's extravaganza of wankerdom.  Sorry, I'm kinda sullied on going to E3 now.  So glad to watch the live stream. It just seems like one of the worst kind of marketing cavalcades anyone could attend.  Example: Did you see the Ubisoft press conference? No human should have to endure that for a two minute game trailer sequel.

    I've sectioned off the Weird Stuff, The Multiplatform titles and The Exclusives.  Let's start this off with what I think the biggest trailer of E3 2009...


    ***Update [6-5-09]: Well folks that should just about do it! I updated all the video I could find [from Joystiq] and all of the major announcements, barring a couple handheld gems, should be below!***

    [more after the jump]


    Star Wars: Old Republic [PC?/360?/PS3?]. I said it once I'll say it again...I'm not into MMO's, but this trailer is pure crack. I didn't see which consoles SW:OR is being developed, but one can only assume it is coming out for PC. It would be interesting to see a big branded MMO go to console.  Let's see how this one pans out...


    Weird Stuff:


    Crysis 2 [Xbox 360/PS3].  We knew this would be shown at E3, but let's be honest...weren't you expecting a little more?  It's cool to tease people into sparking interest for your game, but almost literally showed NOTHING.



    Project NATAL [Xbox 360].  We knew there was some form of a camera control device Microsoft was working on.  Yes. I am one of the skeptics that thinks that this is going to be an expensive peripheral being introduced when people want cheap tech.  But hey, maybe this will be the 'Wii-killer' Microsoft is expecting it to be.  I just hope its not another hundred dollar thing that doesn't get supported and is forced to collect dust in the 'board game closet'.

    PSP Go! [Sony]. Alexander Sliwinksi of Joystiq does some fancy camera work balancing with one hand and filming with the other....I love the moment when he tries to figure out...'How does it close?'

    Tony Hawk's Skateboarding Game & Peripheral [Neversoft? Activision?] You know, I was kinda hatin' when I heard the new Tony Hawk game will require you use a skateboard deck peripheral. Now that I've seen this little exerpt...I see my hate is not misplaced.  Keep juicing this thing guys.  And I am not mad that you are 'trying' to innovate on your established brand, I'm just hating that it looks like you guys aren't 'trying that hard'.


    Multiplatform Titles:



    Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood [PS3/Xbox 360] There is something about this game that keeps me interested.  Not interested enough to want to pay to play it, but I'll damn sure peer pressure my friends to get this when it drops.  Depending on how development goes.


    Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow [PS3/Xbox 360].  Well it is definitly a Kojima production.  Seems like all the cool announcements are happening after all of these press conferences.  I like that.  This means that there are people on the floor of E3 seeing things that some others are not. Sidenote: Patrick Stewart is in it...and this looks like 'God of The Colossus'...I'm still checking for it.


    Dirt 2 [Xbox 360/PS3].  Not really into the rally car thing, but I've been getting more interested.


    DJ Hero [Xbox 360/PS3]. Really? More like Rave Hero.  This game screams's another game that's going to piss off your neighbors when they are trying to sleep.  So in that regard...I'm excited, but in terms of a hiphop game being produced for console systems...congrats on your new expensive dust collector. Looking forward to that Scratch DJ game.


    Dante's Inferno [Xbox 360/PS3].  Fan of the book? Well there's a game! Seriously...there's a game for Dante's Inferno?  Okay, I'll play along, but I will say this isn't the world I had envisioned from the pages.  It looks better than I thought.


    Mafia II [Xbox 360/PS3].  Yup...there's another Mafia game.  Was there hype for this?  Meh...I mean...I guess if there's people shooting guns talking in ridiculous New York-Itailian accents people will line right up.


     Mass Effect 2 [Xbox 360].  Spoilers galore if you didn't beat or even play the first Mass Effect.  For many that won't matter.  Doesn't it look considerably similar to the previous Mass Effect?  From what I am hearing from the show floor, they corrected a lot of clunkiness and issues from the first Mass Effect. Semi-siked.

    Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising [Xbox 360/PS3].  There are no dragons...nor are they rising.  Looks like your standard recon-bravo-shooter.  Things that only get little play when I'm tired from playing puzzle or adventure games. Wait...this isn't Rainbow Six?


    Red Faction: Guerilla [PS3/ Xbox 360].  Well, it certainly looks like Red Faction.  I'll be on an island again and say out right, I will not be checking for this game.  Maybe one of you guys out there will convince me.  I just don't get 'the Red Faction thing'.


    Wolfenstein [PS3/Xbox 360].  Let me guess, you shoot Nazis.  But don't the guns look cool? That is really all you come away with when you watch this trailer.


    Microsoft Exclusives:


    Alan Wake [Xbox 360].  Another one most gamers expected to make a showing at E3. Doesn't make it less exciting.  If you would have told me that I'd be excited to play a writer in a murder-mystery-science fiction game...I would burned you at the stake, because my future brain would not have been prepared for your witchcraft.  But yea...Alan Wake....wait a minute?! 2010!? Didn't they show Alan Wake two years ago at E3?!


    APB [Xbox 360].  I am actually kinda siked for this game.  I've seen screens. Heard about it, but never got around to seeing the teasers that came out last year.  Really like the art style.  The tatooes look ridiculous, but the tatooes actually look like tatooes!


    Forza 3 [Xbox 360].  Let's just say I'm disappointed.  Out of all things you could have shown gamers and the enthusiast show a 'Wii-esque' testimonial?  I really want to know what skateboard dude and guy with tats has to say about customizing his car in Forza 3.  How about actually showing Forza 3?

    Halo: Reach [Xbox 360]...I guess this would be considered a 'bit' of a surprise considering that everyone was kinda expecting for Bungie/Microsoft 'Halo property' to be rearing its shiny head at E3 so...I'm guessing this is it right?


    Halo: ODST [Xbox 360].  Another that we knew would be shown ahead of time, but the trailer is snazzy.  Too bad I'm not into Halo.


    Joy Ride [Xbox 360]. Pro: It's free and gives you something to do with those silly looking, Wii-esque avatars you have. Con: You could probably be reading a book right now.


     Point Lookout [Xbox 360].  Bethesda's latest IP for the 360.  Had know idea what this was about prior to the show. Never heard of it. Interested? Sure.


    RUSE [Xbox 360 and some very expensive table] cool does that table look?  The dudes?! Look at that $15,000 table surface! Doesn't RUSE make you want to go out and get one?  Well, me either, but I will admit, the game does look cool.


    Shadow Complex [Xbox 360].  This was definitly a surprise.  Could this be the return of the 'side-scroller'?  I was a huge Super Metroid/Contra/Operation Wolf fan so I gotta say...i'm a little jealous of Xbox 360 owners. +1 more exclusive Microsoft.


    Splinter Cell: Conviction [Xbox 360].  I am apart of the small minority that actually think this game looks [visually] kind of bad.  The shadowy darks are way too dark.  Anywhoo...I do like the 'projection storytelling' aspect. A new thing for a game that has relied on old stealth tricks.  I'm interested....a little.


    Crackdown 2 [Xbox 360]. Oh snap! It looks just like Crackdown 1! Megaton.  Honestly, Crackdown was super fun, but really only for the climbing and collecting.  So the devs [The Agency] really only have to improve upon: the story, the combat, map system, know...the little things.


    Sony Exclusives:



    Heavy Rain [PS3]. Heavy Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! Sorry...couldn't resist. certainly looks weird.  I mean, real...that's what we're supposed to say right?  Honestly, when you see the faces in this do you not think "Thousand dollar sex doll?" Or maybe that's just me.


    Ninja Gaiden: Sigma 2 [PS3]. There is something about this game that just completely turns me off.  Is it the scantily clad woman rocking S&M latex? Is it the fact that this looks incredibly similar to all the other recent Ninja Gaidens? Meh...we'll see...visually it looks like its still in its beginning stages.

    Final Fantasy XIV [PS3/PC].  I got uber-excited once I heard FF14 was coming out.  But then I got reverse excited when I seen that it was going to be an online MMO.  Which kinda makes since in an evolution for this gaming series, but man...I just can't get excited for an MMO Final Fantasy game.


    Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves [PS3/PC].  This was the automatic for Sony.  We knew it was going to be shown at E3.  Sony just can't keep a secret this year, but man doesn't it look cool?  Man. Hyped.

    White Knight Chronicles [PS3]. I wasn't a big Dark Cloud fan, but I am looking forward to this RPG on the PS3...simply because it's the 'other' big RPG on the system.  I mean how many times can you see the same Final Fantasy emo-haircuts huh?



    Nintendo Exclusives:

    Dead Space: Extraction [Wii] I really am looking forward to what they can do with the Wii Remote and limb targeting.  However...I think we all know how well Mature themed games do on the Wii [See also: House of The Dead: Overkill, Madworld and possibly GTA: Chinatown Wars]

    Metroid Prime: Other M [Wii] Props to J. McElroy for recording the the event and delivering the product straight to your fingertips. That is...until Nintendo officially releases the Metroid trailer.  Team Ninja is working on it...this means the game will look good, but you won't be able to fully appreciate the environment because you'll be getting attacked by 4 people at once. [winks]


    Muramasa: The Demon Blade [Wii]. It's from Vanillaware. I'm a huge fan of Odin Sphere. Done. Now...all I need is a Wii.


    New Super Mario Bros. 2 [Wii].  What's better than announcing a sequel to one Super Mario game?  How about announcing yet another one?!  Well...if it's anything like the first one, it will be a beautiful throwback, filled with nostalgia and incredibly effing hard! On second thought...if you look at that trailer...4 player simultaneously?  This looks like utter chaos.


    Super Mario Galaxy 2 [Wii]. I know you were hoping Nintendo was going to be new IP's this year.  But really? Isn't Super Mario Galaxy 2 still kinda worth the trip?  It's weird...we complain about Nintendo releasing 2 or 3 'hardcore' games a year, but the games are well done...sell out the wazoo, while Madworld, House of The Dead and No More Heroes [who's sequel was mysteriously missing from this show] don't really have that major of an impact on the system. Speak with your dollars Wii owners.


    Wii Sports Resort [Wii].  The crackheads got their first free taste [Wii Sports].  Now Reggie is looking for the 'get back'.  Now if you want some new Wii're gonna have to pay for it.  Now let's sit back and listen to Reggie talk extra reckless.


    Check back later for updates

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