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    Tell No One? But It's So Good...

    Wow...that is all i can say...

    [review to come later]

    go see this movie.

    Review after the jump


    The resemblance is uncanny! Honestly I'd love Hoffman to make a movie as powerful as "Ne le dis a Personne" or Tell No One. In this French 'flick', and I use this term loosely, our Hoffman; François Cluzet plays Alex Beck, a doctor who is very much in love with is wife, Marie-Josée Croze. Croze by the by for any of those interested fits the role perfectly as a mysterious yet smokey lady...yes lady in the truest sense of the word. Finds himself an earlier widower because of a tragic incident that occurs that takes his wife away from him. Eight long years later, Beck finds himself still holding on to this pain, but something or someone gives him a reason to pursue this already legally resolved case.

    There will be no spoilers in this review, but I feel I must say what took me so long in posting up something in regards to Tell No One.  Unlike a "Mirrors" or a "Tropic Thunder" this movie took me days and days to digest.  There are things that happen in this movie that i just didn't get, or understand [technically and yes emotionally].  There are scenes in the movie that just DO NOT happen anymore in cinema, even in what the average person would call an 'artsy fartsy flick'. Early in the movie there is a long scene in which you want one character to just 'touch' the other, but it never comes. The way the director and writer [Guillame Canet & Harlan Coben] have constructed this love story/mystery/action movie is brilliant.  There are characters that could have easily been filler, but you get to see almost all characters in a multi-dimensional manner.

    The only negative thing I'd have to say about this movie would be that it really isn't anything new.  It's a french love story about love lost and search for true identity.  With that said, a movie like this may not be ground breaking, but it is definitly necessary.  People need to see movies like this and The Visitor.  It is not just because I abhor promoting actors and actresses with a 20 or 30 something visage and a tan that would make a trucker cry, but because these are geniunely great movies. If Tell No One does not get recognized by the Academy it would not surprise me, it didn't come out during 'Oscar Season'.  The buzz was good but minimal. If it does get recognition and movies of its ilk [which are few and far coming this year] this year then i think that would be enough to calm this moviegoers whiny tone.

    This movie gets:


    Wine By Candlelight


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