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    Max Payne Trailer 2.0

    This might be one of the coolest trailers for potentially one of the crappiest action movies of this year.  I wonder how many people are psyched that "Marlo" from the Wire and Ludacris are in this movie?


    Freestylesession Outtake - Pitbull vs Floor Phantom

    From what I can tell online [@ Bboyworld]

    This battle was a result of a much larger battle between Massive Monkees [Seattle] and the Mighty Zulu Kings [worldwide].  I think with the 'somewhat' internet fervor over who won [or who smoked] you get one of the better 'old fashioned' battles captured on video.  Don't let this angle fool you, another angle of this video is posted after the jump...

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    Nikon D90 - Death Of The "Mechanical Shutter"

    Excerpt from Dailytech:

    "In addition to the pictures, Nikon Rumors says that it has final specifications for the camera which are sure to impress even the most vocal critic. The D90 will have a 12.3MP image sensor, 3" (900k) LCD, 11-point autofocus system, and Live-View.

    Perhaps the most talked about feature, however, is the D90's ability to capture video with its image sensor. Although details are sketchy at the moment, the camera will also have a microphone and speaker built-in for recording and playing back sound with capture video.

    According to Nikon Rumors, the Nikon D90 will be formally announced on August 27"

    More from DailyTech & Gizmodo after the jump...

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    Del Toro Gives Props To Team Ico

    One of the better directors today shows a little love to one of my favorite games.  What's odd is he definitely sounds like he knows his stuff. You can only wonder how many eyes a Guillermo Del Toro colossus would have [moreover...where would said eyes be placed.]

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    Lil Markie Sings

    Once you are a 1:00 in to it...there really is no turning back.  Sit down and take it all in.


    Canon 50D Specs and Images Leaked!

    I'll post up the now infamous photo below the jump.  The image speed setting is at ISO 1600 and from the looks of it, there is little to no noise! I just had a photogasm.  Still not sure as to why we [the e-public] are seeing this shot. Is it to create some sizzle for Canon's new baby?  Is it a legit low-level leak? Who knows. But isn't the new shiny camera via the internet-hype just slaying you?

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    Uwe Boll Ringtones Anyone?

    Well in case you didn't know, Uwe Boll's "Indiana Jones Killer", Postal comes out on DVD this Tuesday. Although I took a shot of this sexy packaging I managed to muster up enough strength to withhold my excitement of viewing this gem until it 'officially' comes out...err...well that and the next time i work at the video store i can watch it for free with a friend/coworker. 

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    Art Section - Zdzislaw Beksinski

    Wow...pretty cool and creepy...but more cool than creepy [a more thought out viewpoint of his work is in the works]

    Go To His Site And Enjoy...



    Paul Mawhinney - The Archive

    The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

    "Paul Mawhinney was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the years he has amassed what has become the world's largest record collection. Due to health issues and a struggling record industry Paul is being forced to sell his collection.

    This is the story of a man and his records. I hope you enjoy it."

    -Sean Dunne


    Mirrors, How Many Ways Do You Suck?

    There is nothing I'd like to tell you more when it comes to not seeing this movie. But I can't! You must see Mirrors, not just for the cheap tricks they use to get you to jump [and trust me...if you see this in a theatre with moderately decent sound, you will jump].  What is truly unfortunate is that this heap of visual garbage is one hour and 50 minutes long.  For a suck movie, that's about 30 minutes to long.

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